Perfect shorts and a macthing top!

I designed this matching fit specifically for a summer day! The top is super lightweight and made of the same material as the shorts so you will stay cool BUT ALSO

you can wear the shirt IN THE POOL OR BEACH and it won't get all soggy like a boring cotton tee. This is perfect for someone doesn't feel comfortable or can't go without a top but doesn't want to wear a bikini top!

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Wiggle Shorts


Wiggle Summer Polo

Wiggle Square Satchel

Wiggle Clogs

Wiggle Phone Holder


It's hella hot outside so here are some pieces to keep you stylish and cool including my perfect verse (lol) Wiggle fit for the beach, the party, the grocery store and more!

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Summer Drop

Wiggle Summer Polo


The Brennen

Paint It Green

Queer Joy Button Up

Martian Stand Up Collar

The Mars!

"It’s an awesome shirt. Fits great. Customer service is also top notch. Any problem with your order Mars will make it right.."

- Alec V.

"Prob gonna wear it every day I love the design so much. I want everyone to see it"

- Dominique J

"So comfy and it fits great - I was worried about it feeling tight or uncomfortable around my chest or my tummy and nothing of the sort."

- Annalisa M.

Life On Mars

Life on Mars is a streetwear brand dedicated to empowering the Trans and Queer community with affirming clothes and vulnerable art. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Black Trans Community via the Unique Woman's Coalition. We are all trying our best and Life on Mars wants to honor that effort.

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